"I am Picture Publicist for the BBC and have recently had the pleasure of working with Coco Van Oppens on a drama filmed on location in South Africa.  I'm delighted to say that without exception, any day Coco was on set she delivered an astonishing amount of beautifully composed and considered photography, both unit and 'portraiture'.  Adept at flitting between the two mediums, Coco can capture the action beautifully as it happens, but can seek out opportunities without prompting to produce carefully thought-out singles and group shots which tell the story perfectly.  
On our production, most of the time Coco worked alone but for a couple of the bigger shots she and I collaborated on ideas and direction on set.  Not only was Coco easy to work with, she completely got whatever I was trying to convey in my head.  Her personable skills with the talent were strong, engaging with them only when necessary to get the best result, and talking them through any thought process to the shot when it felt required.  Coco also processes all her material and grades the imagery in keeping with the tone of the film. 
I feel with absolute confidence Coco would make a valuable asset to any film.  I look forward to an opportunity to work with her again.
Kate Lawson
Picture Campaign Executive - BBC Pictures - M&A Creative

Just had the pleasure of reviewing Coco’s stills for Monster Hunter and to be frank, it’s some of the best behind the scenes work I’ve ever seen.  She has a remarkable ability to not just capture the beauty of the actors but also the beauty of the film making process itself.  
If my movie looks half as good as Coco’s work, I’ll be a happy man!!
Paul w.s Anderson
Director / Producer - Origin TV series & Monster Hunter

Coco Van Oppens is a top-class unit photographer in all regards. Her ability to capture truly, iconic stills and stunning behind the scenes imagery sets her apart from most.
There is a fidelity captured in her work that will awe. She was a true professional on set with the cast and crew, and a delight to work with on a personal level. We would highly recommend her for any future projects.  
Billy Linpinsel
Raised by Wolves TV series - Photo Editor   | Turner Brand Experience  

Coco is a must hire on any show.  She’s great with talent, understands what the studio wants, and gets along very well with crew.  She’s a consummate professional who silently and diligently always gets the shot.
Jon Kuyper
Series Producer – Raised by Wolves 
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